Sorry to leave our blog on such a depressing note for so long.
In an attempt to catch you up to speed on what Mike and I have done in the last couple weeks, I will used bullet points. :)

- We spent 2 days in Vegas. Ashley got married to a wonderful guy named Johnathan. I love her new last name, Francisco. We spent a lot of money shopping around. Saw Blue Man Group (Yay!)

Outside Chapel of the Flowers. Photographer, Mike.

- We went to the Ben Folds concert with a bunch of friends. Awesome.
- Bought a comfy, new jacket from Shade.
- Cheered on 3,000 10k runners and 800 marathon runners. Our friend, Missy Brown did so well!
- A couple late night driving adventures.
- Went to Juicy Berry (frozen yogurt at the Gateway) and felt like we were in a rave club. Weird.
- Biked Elephant Rock.
- Saw Inception at the theater. BEST movie this year! (Mike claims "EVER")
- Went camping.

That's about it. We only have ONE MONTH left of summer. You better believe we're going to make the most of it!


Disclaimer: I love my life.

I just reconnected with an old friend from 7 years back. This old friend is now living in Madrid and is a fashion stylist who contracts out her services for several of the world's leading magazines. She has a gorgeous flat in the heart of the city and more lovely designer clothing than I have ever seen. Moments like this make me wonder what I've done with my life so far. I still have 2 semesters left in my bachelors degree. I've worked at the same place for 2.5 years, getting paid less than I'm worth. I've gained 15 pounds since high school. My international traveling consists of Canada and Mexico. (Wahoo! of sarcasm).

Bit of a bummer/pity me mood....


On Saturday, after taking Mike from store to store with me on the hunt for a specific clothing item... I figured I owed him dinner. We made the best decision, Arella Pizzeria, in Bountiful.
It is a brand new restaurant in Bountiful that makes delish thin-crust pizza in their wood-fired brick oven. The decor kept Mike and I talking for a while... the white, modern lamps, black and white furniture with green accents and glassy tile walls.

I got a small Chicken Bacon Alfredo pizza (yes, it was heaven!) and Mike created his own calzone. We got seat right at the bar so we could see everything being made.
We loved it. If you find ourselves north of SLC and hungry... GO!


Matrimony and Vegas.

Don't you love it when two (good looking) people fall in love several times, always with the same person... and decide to put their faith in that person and the institution of marriage? I LOVE IT.
My middle school/high school best friend, Ashley Ann, (who I still love to death, though I never see) is getting married to her love on July 15th....
Here at the Little Chapel of the Flowers in Vegas....

I am SO excited for her. I'm sooo excited to go!
I love LOVE.
Now, Mike and I have been to Las Vegas a few times- separate, together, married and single.... but we're welcoming some suggestions. Anyone know of a great restaurant to go to? A show/exhibit that we should see? Perhaps a delish place for dessert? Please share so we can really make the most of our trip down next weekend!