Designer Discovery

So here it is! My brand new beautiful bag I got about 3 weeks ago... just in time to use during my senior year of college! What made me fall in love with this black beauty was mainly all of the compartments and dividers. This semester I have tons of books, folders, notebooks, lecture print outs and so on to carry around campus and I can put in all in one place! I have ample room for everything... Great right?
Well, what's not so great is that I found out I've been carrying around a diaper bag. How did I miss that? Wow. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous so I told Mike what I had just realized... and he was excited for me.
"Now, we won't have to buy you a diaper bag when you get pregnant! Money saved."
Um no, Mike. You're missing the point.
I love it still. I'm using it still. Yes, ladies and gentleman.... I'll be the cool one on campus with a baby bag on my shoulder. At least I now understand why one of the dividers detaches from the bag... for a baby changing pad.


It's the end of summer. Soon I'll post about the happenings of these past few weeks... but for now, school is on the mind.
This semester 10 hours a day, Monday through Thursday, I will be on campus at the University of Utah. Yep, that's just like a full time job... 40 hours a week. I'm not so excited about it but that's just how the chips fell this semester. I have 6 great core classes this semester.
The line-up:
Hearing Science
Pediatric Speech Pathology
Aural Rehabilitation
Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
Language Science
I've got some tough ones this year... but Mike is being a man and working really hard while going to school this semester so that I can focus and get great grades in these classes. I'm so blessed to have someone who cares enough about me and my education to sacrifice more of his time to benefit me. I'm so excited about these last 2 semesters before I get my bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology. I have such a thirst for knowledge and can't wait! Wish me luck... Maybe a prayer too. I'll need it!