"pinning" it up.

Guess what guys??
I'm a pinning machine!

That's right. I just joined Pinterest. I'm not sure why it took this long...
I guess I was hoping Pinterest was a fad that would just fade away.
But it didn't... and now, in just one day, I'm hooked.

I'll be honest though, I have no idea what I'm doing.
All I know is that I'm stalking random people left and right and "pinning" everything I love!

If you haven't joined yet... do it NOW. and I'll follow you. Enticing, huh?
If you're one step ahead of me (which most of you are)...
holler at me so I can follow you.

One can never have too many social media accounts. Am I right?


crying kiddos.

Yesterday was a sad day at the law firm.

It was time for everyone's annual flu shots and this day is dreaded by all.
Not because the attorneys or staff are afraid of the needle but because
we have 30 attorneys here. THIRTY and nearly all of them have little ones.
So here I was at the front of the firm, witnessing the spouses (mostly mothers) step off the elevators
with their kids in tow. Many had 3 or 4 kids, each one so excited to come see Daddy at work.

They had no idea why they were really here. It was heart-breaking.

Some came in skipping or hopping. Some were yelling,"Where's Daddy?" The moms gave me a little smile. They knew that I knew that their kids didn't know yet.

It was like the bible says... leading lambs to the slaughter.
I heard screams and sobbing once they were out of sight.

Part of me felt guilty. I'm not sure why... it's not like I could've
stopped them from their looming misfortune.
It was nothing that some Famous Amos cookies and a juice box couldn't fix, though.

I'm starting to really like it here. Some days are hard but most days are pretty breezy.
I'm learning a ridiculous amount about the legal system, documents, procdures, etc.
They give me more food here than I could've ever dreamt.
If I were to never eat a bite outside of this office I probably would not lose a single pound.
One of the senior partners doesn't care much for me and I'll be honest... It bothers me often.
I just have to remind myself that 29 out of 30 isn't bad.


To get through the day-to-day drudge, don't we all need things to look forward to?
I was thinking this morning of a few things that this month will bring me. In just...

-1 day: A new haircut. I'm thinking of something like this or this,
but with swoopier (I recognize, that's probably not a word) bangs. Thoughts?

-4 days: Footloose is in theaters! Whether you think I'm lame or not, I'll admit
that I'm actually anticipating this movie.
Footloose is one of my favorite 80's movies... This remake cannot let me down.

-5 days: A beautiful bestie of mine, Candace, will have her wedding dinner here.
I'm so excited for her and Matt!

-14 days: Mike takes the GMAT and a weight is lifted off our shoulders. I can play with my husband again!

-17 days: Road trip to San Francisco!


perfectly timed for Fall.

A friend posted this video on Facebook...
and I'm so glad she did!
It's perfectly timed... just for Fall.
I love love love to wear scarves and now I have 25 ways to do it.

Wasn't the video awesome?
That girl is adorable and so are all her long scarves.

Doesn't this make you so excited for the next several months?!
Now I need to pull out my scarves and study!