Isn't it one of the best things in life to have a sister?
(If you are reading this and you don't have one, this post might be a little uncomfortable for you...)

10 years ago I probably wouldn't have said this. Actually, I'm pretty sure I would've taken a stand on the contrary. We just weren't that close. At the time, I was most likely locking Kelsey out of my room, pinching her for stealing my clothes and excluding her from hanging out with me and my friends. (Ugh.. little sisters can be SO uncool.) Over the past decade we've both changed a lot... and though we are
very different in many ways... we are very much the same.

This past weekend Kelsey came up for some quality time. Mike was busy with a couple commitments
but joined in on the fun when he could. We:

- saw the movie Footloose. We are definitely our father's daughters. We sang along to so
many of the songs from the original movie.
- found a couple Goosebumps episodes on tv. Complete nostalgia!
- ate at Bountiful's best- Hoho's Gourmet Chinese. (Don't judge based on other Hoho's in the greater SLC area, this one is top notch! Best hot & sour soup of my life. and yes, I've tried a LOT of hot & sour soups.)
- made delicious smoothies after. Followed by breaking my blender.
 (So now I'm in the market, let me know if you have an awesome one.)
- offered help to a teenage kid when his car was stuck in the snow right outside our house. He turned us down, so we then turned off the lights and camped out by the windows... watching people spin out and get stuck coming up the mountain. Sounds more cruel than it was.
- sang the theme song to every 90's tv show we could remember. Step by Step, Full House,
Fresh Prince, The Nanny, Friends, Mad About You, Boy Meets World, Sister Sister...
and then we had to stop because Mike was at his breaking point.
- got hot chocolate at 7-Eleven. mmm.
- watched the LSU vs. BAMA game. Experienced highs and lows and then highs again when we won.

Laughed every time they showed this guy and his concerned girlfriend in Overtime.

- spent our giftcards at Apothica. Love that store.
- had a wonderful day at church. Very uplifting and emotional. It's nice to cry with your sister.
- watched 3 hours of Desperate Housewives to catch up.
- braided each other's hair. Isn't that the biggest benefit of having a sister?
I seriously lucked out the in the siblings department. My 2 younger brothers couldn't be sweeter and my sister is my very best friend. Having her in Utah with me makes living away from home as much easier.