How I function...

Lists. I (Alyssa) live off lists.
Without a to-do list every single day, I don't think I could function. I love having my daily agenda arranged line by line and crossing each thing off after it's completed. Why do I love lists? Let me count (or list) the ways:
1. They bring order to chaos. With 15 credits in school, 25 hours of work each week, ASUU finance board responsibilities, having a husband to feed and 3 church callings I can use all the order I can get!
2.They help me remember things. I am sooo grateful for anything that can help me remember!
3. Making lists can make you famous. This one is a stretch but notable list makers include Thomas Jefferson, Martha Stewart and Benjamin Franklin.
4. They allow me to focus on what's important. They help me narrow down what needs to be done to get through one more day on this planet.

Right now, I have 4 lists going:
1. List of things I need to do before we leave tomorrow (for Vegas/Phoenix!!)
2. List of classes I need to study for/assignments I need to do before we get back on Monday.
3. List of things we need to pack for our trip.
4. List of things I want to accomplish within the next 5 years!
Sometimes (...often) I will even write down a couple things I've already done, just to cross it off the list. Oh, how I love that feeling of accomplishment!
Which brings me to my current dilemma... my professors this year do not share my belief in the power of lists. In one of my favorite classes, Medical Speech Pathology, there are so many concepts that are discussed in such great depth that I have the hardest time studying. Lists, I'm great at. Medical concepts, not so much. BUT it helps that the professor is incredibly intellectual and pretty good looking. Liz and I get giddy just going to that class! However, I just might have to convince him of the power (and convenience) of lists.


MuffinTops: God's Gift to a Morning's Line-Up

Mornings. Aren't they great to wake up to? I mean, there is little to not like. Morning breath? check. Stubbed toe on the dresser? check. Using a fusion of white nectorine and pink coral flower scented shampoo because you are too tired to open your eyes for the manly shampoo? check. I'm quite surprised that anyone wakes up in the first place.

That's probably why God created muffins. Better yet, Muffins that pour right out of a Malt-o-Meal bag into a happy bowl of anticipation. Even Seinfeld wanted people to liven their mornings by changing the old saying from "top of the morning to you," to "top of the muffin to you." (See episode 155.) We can only imagine that this is where MOM got the idea of naming "muffin Tops" cereal, which are so delectible that they are currently going on Ebay for $8.25 - a mere penny to pay for the Trinity's sanctioned breakfast cereal.

For some time my heart sank into a chasm of sorrow when I found out that they had been discontinued. But lately they are making a come back. There was a recent sighting at Dick's bakery in Bountiful a couple months ago, and my wife found it in Smiths just last week. My mornings have been nothing short of celestial since.

So why am I writing about Muffin Tops cereal? Because my wife told me that I needed to write on this blog about something I'm passionate about. If i would have written about her, I think people would be turned off from the extreme cheesiness of it all, and thus we would have lost our fan base. Plus, I don't want to embarass her. Lets just say she does it more for me than God's gift to a morning's line up.

Anyone interested in making a Muffin Top cereal fan group? I know you want to.



We're finally joining Blogworld!

Starting several months ago (essentially since Mike and I got married) an influx of people started asking if we had a blog. I had always been opposed to us having one (reasoning explained later on). Mike would mention starting one every once in a blue moon and I would never seem too hot on the idea. BUT I did start becoming semi-obsessed with reading all my friend's blogs (and sometimes their friend's blogs--- Admit it. You do it too.)

Then, on one seemingly average Sunday evening, the clouds parted and I said,
"Mike, we can start a blog."...the words I was sure he was waiting to hear. So you can guess what he did right after receiving my approval....


So I basically begged him to set one up for us and here we are. To be quite honest, the reason I had been pushing it off for so long is that I am what some would call "computer stupid". So I'd like to apologize in advance. Unless Mike is posting, don't expect some fancy links and cute blog tweaks to show our individuality. We got it. I just can't flaunt it.