oh baby baby.

Wow. Too much to post since the last time I wrote... so I'll break it up. Basically for my own sanity. I'll post about the Texas trip/family visiting/Colorado family reunion later this week but for now.. it's all things baby!!
First and most importantly - IT'S A GIRL!!! We hosted a little gender reveal party and found out the gender by cutting into a cake. Fully expecting to see layers of blue under all that frosting, we couldn't have been more shocked (&excited) to see pink! We are sooooo excited to be having a little girl. Life could not be better, knowing that in less than 4 months we will be a family of three with a little girl to love on and snuggle with.

I had to post this because-even though that's a SUPER unattractive face I have going on- these were our first reactions.

 It's so nice to say "she" instead of "it" or "the baby". She makes it more real now. 
She tends to be mild during the day but go crazy with kicks and punches the minute I lay down at night. She still has me throwing up once a week. She's being shy around her daddy and won't let him feel her kick. He's pretty bummed about it. She makes me go pee a minimum of 10 times a day. Sometimes three times within the same hour. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. She is already allowing for benefits in public, like today when I was in line for the restroom at City Creek. All the women insisted that I cut to the front of the line. Lovely! She really hates my singing voice (evidenced by several jabs during each hymn I sang on Sunday). Her movements tickle me if I'm the right position where I'm almost leaning forward over my tummy. She loves for me to drink numerous Chick-fil-a milkshakes. So I do.
The only thing I would qualify as a big 'ol pregnancy bummer is that I have developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. It's awful. Like a numbness in my hands all day and pain/lack of feeling from my elbow to my fingertips all night kind of awful. The doctor says I have a pretty severe case of carpal tunnel but it should go away completely within 2 to 3 weeks after delivery. Wonderful! The next 18 weeks are sure to be a party.

24 weeks down. 16 more to go. Bring it on!