new addiction.

Okay... so it's not really a new addiction.
More like an old addiction that has resurfaced.

I love Costco. I love it for many reasons but this is my #1.

Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough. It's already rolled into little morsels of sugary bliss.

Now, let's be honest ladies.... They NEVER make it to the cookie sheet, do they?
I love love love eating them raw and frozen.

Oh, and unlike the homemade stuff, there is no raw egg in it... so the "real threat" of eating cookie dough is gone.

Now you can eat it guilt-free.
(as long as you don't think about the calories)


My Last Contribution?

Some of you may know that I am the marketing director at the U for Golden Key, and some of you may not even know what Golden Key is. Its probably going to be my last semester being active and I wanted to leave my mark on the group since it is pretty lame most of the time. I thought that the only thing I could do is make them look good, so I drew up some T-shirt designs. Here is the debut of my fashion design career:

I designed these while we were at lake powell (see my brother's blog for our sweet jet skiing and wake boarding skills - Alyssa will have a story to write about it also later.) The officers will be voting on a design soon, but I thought I'd get your input and opinion first.


Lone Star

Monday nights have made me downright giddy. If you had seen any episode of Lone Star, then you may share my excitement. I was driving down the street one day when the radio ad for Fox's fall lineup came on. For some freak reason I didn't change the channel; it was fate.

After House had taken 80% of the ad space, there was a short blurb about a critically acclaimed new series about a con-man. Not a normal con-man, I'll have you - but a young, sophisticated, suave con-man that not only sold fake oil shares, but himself. Well, I didn't get all of that from the 10 seconds that were left for the Lone Star ad, but its pretty much what the show was about. And the show was amazing.

Let me add an emphasis on "was." The show was canceled a couple days ago. There was something about not enough people watching. Well, you know what Mr. Fox Television? I was watching. And I was liking ever second of it. I'm going to go cry in a corner now.