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Viva Italia!

After this post I'll probably be losing a few followers.
Anyone with short attention spans here?
I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I said I wouldn't post more
than 10 pictures for each country. We came home with about 600!
So I had the bright idea to try putting 3 or 4 pictures in one...
Well... I learned that I have something called A.D.D. folks!
Artistic Deficit Disorder. I can't create beautiful things!
So here is my Italy post. Some pictures are small, some big.
Some framed. Some not.
Be nice to me.

Venice, Italy
We did Venice in about 10 hours and that was plenty of time.
We walked around St. Mark's Square, admired the ceilings of gold at the Basilica,
crossed the famous Rialto bridge, sat down at an outdoor cafe for some
delish pizza and toured the Doge's Palace and Correr Museum.
But we heard-above all else- the best thing to do here is get lost.
And we did... almost unintentionally.

No... we didn't take a romantic gondola ride down the canal and
I don't regret it one bit. We couldn't justify spending 100 euro for 30 minutes of
cruising down the Grand Canal with Alfredo the gondolier hocking loogies into
the water and yelling at his fellow coworkers as they passed by.

Our feet were kiiiiilling us... so we pulled up a bench in a lovely park.

Venice has an annual party just like Mardi Gras, called Carnival.
It was so fun to see the Italian (aka: classier) version of my
favorite Cajun past-time.

The Bridge of Sighs. Amazing.
There are a couple theories as to how the bridge got its name.
The first one involves the prisoners that would walk across it
on their way to the executioner. They would look out the sides of the bridge
and sigh at their last view of beautiful life in Venice.
The other story says that if a couple kisses on or under the bridge
they are granted eternal love and the sighs come from
the romantic promise and setting.
After hearing the story we just had to kiss on this bridge, right?
So we took a tour of the Doge's Palace since that's the only way
you can walk through the Bridge of Sighs.

St. Mark's Square.

St. Mark's Basilica.

Picture perfect Venice. Nearly every canal looked like this.

Genoa, Italy
This was a fun city where we got our first taste of gelato in Italy. Yummm!
We had a guided tour of the city that took us down several
immaculately designed streets.
1st picture: Just outside the welcome quarters of an Italian mansion in Genoa.
2nd picture: the crypt where they claim John the Baptist's remains are.
3rd picture: gelato. delicous, creamy, sweet gelato.

Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento was fabulous! Despite stopping in such phenomenal,
history-rich cities... This city was our favvvvorite!
It was a tiny cliff-side town that had a few tourist packed streets
but just one block away in any direction and you're in real Italian living!

On the outskirts of Sorrento was a beautiful little farm that grew lemons
and produced homemade tomatoes and mozzarella.
We sampled. We loved. We were left wanting more.

Pompeii, Italy
From looking at pictures in high school textbooks to actually seeing
this city in real life was incredible... indescribable.
Mike and I took in so much information on this tour and were captivated
by the history. I thought I knew the story of Pompeii so well but I
learned so many new things.
a. They had at least one fast food restaurant. (in 200 B.C., people!)
b. They loved their sex and prostitutes! They had penises that pointed
the way to the brothels from the main roads and others that were
placed above the brothel doorway.
(That's funny.... Tell me you laughed just now!)
c. They had slaves. Like the man in the picture below. He was chained
to the wall of the house so that he couldn't escape the eruption.

Mikey in the marketplace of Pompeii.

Can you spot the penis above?
I never thought I write 'penis' on my blog. Ever.

While we're on the subject of human anatomy in Europe,
I have to tell you that Mike kept taking pictures of all the
different types of doorbells on the streets.
I finally said, "Mike, you have a unhealthy fascination with knockers!"
I was right.

Rome, Italy
Rome was just as expected. It was jam-packed day of history.
We saw the Vatican and Vatican City. We mailed postcards to family there.
We saw Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum,
We took a break to have heavenly Italian lasagna and tiramisu.
Best stuff ever.

My pictures are wanting to do their own thing here.

Let it be, I guess.

last stop... (did I just hear a sigh of relief?)

Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Taormina was laid back, clean and breathtaking.
We didn't do much here other than walk around the city, see places
where The Godfather was filmed,
take pictures, eat gelato and people watch. It was fantastic!

The end. If you made it this far... well, I'm shocked.


Europe: Part 1

We're back!!!!!!
We finally got into Salt Lake City on the 10th of this month (thank heavens! after 18 long hours of travel) and definitely felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation. We had Saturday and Sunday to re-cooperate (and put some food in our empty fridge) ... and then we hit the ground running with our full time jobs. We're still looking for our post-grad jobs but that's a whole other post.

Speaking of future posts, I have no idea how I should split up all these pictures/stories so that I don't a) overload you with a ridiculous amount of pictures in one post or b) split our trip into so many posts that you stop caring about our life all together. I think I'll split it into Spain, Italy and Germany. 3 posts with- I promise- no more than 10 pictures each. haha!

For today, I bring you Spain and a little of the cruise ship.
We spent a day before and after the cruise in Barcelona. We had no idea what to expect but were surprised with how much there was to see in this crazy city.
After we checked into the most cramped room of our whole trip, we ventured out to try "tapas" which are basically bite-size appetizers original to Spain. I tried using a little bit of "my" Spanish... uhhh, let's just say that ALL conversations during these 3 weeks in Europe ended up in English. The people took pity on us. Our favorite sight in Barcelona- hands down- was La Sagrada Familia. It's both incredible and odd. Actually, a lot of the city was both incredible and odd... unfortunately, we didn't take too many pictures here.

Alyssa at La Boqueria Market and Mike in Placa de Catalunya (downtown)

Of course, my eye goes straight to chocolate.

Tapas at Txapela.

Us standing in front of La Sagrada Familia

On the ship there was a ridiculous amount of things to see, do and eat! I won't go on forever about how wonderful the cruise ship was because well... we didn't spend much time on it. We did take a couple pictures around the ship, of us at the Italian restaurant Cucina del Capitano and of the fabulous food at the steakhouse Prime onboard.

Cucina del Capitano.

The absolutely AMAZING food at Prime. We had 5 courses and 5 different desserts to end it! You know I loved that!

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to show you Italy!