I'm baaaaaack. For now.
And we've relocated -- to Arizona!
Not sure why I stopped blogging for so long. I've had some time on my hands. I guess I'd rather watch Gossip Girl during Charlotte's nap time than do anything meaningful.
Honesty, right?

I wish I could say that in my absence I've been making our new home beautiful with all sorts of Pinterest creations and decor finds. That I've been baking new things daily. That I've been buying fresh flowers at the local market for our dining table. None of that is true.

Charlotte and I have been straight chillin'. Our little condo here in Scottsdale is a hodge-podge eclectic mix of wicker furniture the landlords left for us, some things from my in laws and a couple items purchased from Ikea during our newlywed years. Seriously. So pictures will have to wait.

BUT Charlotte and I have been partying a ton.
Partying at the local library during storytime. Partying at the local splash pads and pools. Partying at the bakery, gym and Target. Partying with the few visitors we've had.
I love spending every waking moment with Miss C.

Now, I present to you some crappy iPhone pictures of my baby.

eight whole months looks good on you, girl!