I'm guessing all Ute fans need a pick-me-up right about now...

I think this video is HILARIOUS. So many witty comments.
(Can't say I agree with the one about Wynn though. I might cut his Achilles' heel)


sunday lesson.

Marriage makes you grow in ways you couldn't otherwise.

Someone said this in church today.
Nothing profound... but it really made me think.
I thought about the things I've experienced and ways I've changed since I married Mike.

For example, I'm slowly figuring out how to admit that I am wrong.
Granted, this hardly ever happens because I am rarely wrong.

Mike, I was wrong when I said the candy corn Hershey kisses are
sold until Thanksgiving. I went to buy some for you yesterday and
the nice man at the grocery store said they are only sold until Halloween.
My fault we missed eating them this year.

Lucky for me, he always forgives me.

Really though, marriage is helping me to be a lot less stubborn.
There's something about living with someone that makes you realize
how not perfect you are.


little bit country?

So to avoid doing any homework last night, I turned on the tube....

The most hilarious sitcom at present is Modern Family and I know exactly how I will be spending my 8pm time slot on Wednesday nights. Sadly, last night it wasn't on. Instead the CMAs (Country Music Awards) was...were? Whatever.

I've never been one for country music but I do love live performances and for some reason I like media-stalking Carrie Underwood because... well, I don't know why really.
She only makes me feel bad about myself when I look at her.

Anyway, I caught myself (too many times) nodding my head and moving to the beat of
Sugarland and Zach Brown Band. Good songs.
Check them out.

Oh, and it was Gwyneth Paltrow's country music debut last night...
I don't think she was all that impressive.
BUT maybe she didn't do well because her hubby couldn't even
show up to support her. That's just selfish Chris. Put Coldplay on pause.

So did anyone else watch the CMAs? What did you think about Gwyneth?