As many of you know, Mike and I have been saving money since our dating months for a trip to Europe. We've put extra cash into a large glass vase that we refer to as our "Italy Fund".

The money has since moved. This is actually good news. We now have enough cash that we keep it in a little safety box-- on lock and key. We don't touch it but I regularly count it and squeal with excitement at how our dream is becoming a reality.

Soon we will start planning our Italian excursion. I couldn't be more thrilled about it.


Celebrities with Mustaches

This weekend we went to the State fair where we enjoyed some baby-making music by Boys II Men and baby-making art by senior citizens. Among the 6 first-place scrap book pages and silk flower floral arrangements, we came across this beauty:
It is a beautiful painting that depicts farm workers in the U.S. If you look closely, you can see that the artist's rendition solely depicts Hispanics in every aspect of farm development. We thought that it was so outlandish that I made Alyssa pose by it so that we could share it with the rest of you.

Then it got me thinking about how cool mustaches are. I mean, not a lot of people can pull them off, unless you are a celebrity and people already envy you and don't care what you do. Take the classic example, Tom Selleck.
I don't care who you are, that is a pretty sweet mustache. I mean, not even the sexiest man on the planet (Brad Pitt from what I hear) can pull it off that well.
But boy does he do a good job trying. I don't know if he started the whole modern day look, but Orlando bloom followed his example, even down to the scarf:
So it got me thinking some more. What makes a sexy-stache? Is it celebrity status? Or is it something more? My theory is that it are essential elements that all boils down to making an efficient Mustachio. Here is my philosophy:
  1. Dark Hair
  2. Some type of scarf (Tom Selleck doesn't need one though because his chest hair probably grows out of his shirt enough to keep his neck warm)
  3. The ability to grow facial hair
That's it. So I thought that I could pull it off pretty well too.
I guess not. Don't worry, I shaved it off about 10 seconds after shaving my beard into a mustache... which was about two after taking this picture. I guess I'll have to re-examine the effective-stache theory and try again.


When we had summer...

Just before school started up again Mike and I went with our friends -Parker and Bekah- to Los Angeles for one last hurrah! We did Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Jimmy Kimmel Live,
the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier and beach.... and hit up Subway like 3 times.
Here are some pictures of our fun times:

I don't pass up opportunities to silly pictures like this...

The beeeeeach! I'm so much happier in the sun!

Hollywood baby!

Mike and... that tiger from Madagascar

Dessert bonus for Bekah's birthday! Parker went to the bathroom and missed it.
We waited for you Parker. We waited.
About to experience the Jurassic Park ride. This is about 2 minutes before we looked like wet rats.

Fun stuff, that California vacation. I'd guess another 5 weeks until I get the "ditch SLC for a vaca" itch.

FYI, tonight I'm making fried rice and I'm pretty excited about it. Do you ever get super excited about the meal you're making? Even if isn't anything special?


Kelsey Rose Fausett
Birthday: August 08, 1990
Favorite Color: Red
Musical Obsession: The Format
Status: Single

My sister (and one of my BEST friends), Kelsey, turned 20 last month. We took her to PF Changs to celebrate! I can't believe she is 20 now. She already has 2 years of college down. She's decidedly Pre-Med. My guy friends think she's hot. She has gone on a million first dates- but she's picky. When did she grow up so much?? When she tells me about trips she's going on with her friends it takes everything inside me not to say, "Are there going to be any adults there? Maybe Mike and I can come along to chaperon". I know she's not 12 anymore but it's so weird to see my kid sister be... not so much of a kid anymore. I love her. I'm so glad she's only 50 minutes away so I can get my "sister fix" when I need it.
That usually includes food of some kind.