five months.

Ms. Charlotte Rose Nelson is now 5 months.
I'm not trying to brag or anything but my daughter is awesome. Pretty sure I won the baby lottery because she is SO fun, full of personality and pretty interactive already. I'm making it a point to soak up every moment with my tiny girl because she certainly isn't staying tiny forever. Today she proved that when she rolled the entire length of our living room. Granted, our living room is pretty small... but I was impressed!

By the way, Mikey has taken it upon himself to nickname her Char Char Binks (Star Wars joke, I guess?) so if you hear him say that, please do me a favor and do NOT encourage it. Thanks.

Don'tcha wanna squeeze those cheeks?


our little easter.

The morning started with an epic pancake fail. How does one screw up pancakes? Easily. They tasted disgusting... so I'll just stick to green smoothies and cereal for breakfast. Then we all took a glorious late morning nap. Bless our sweet Charlotte for sleeping well that morning! Church was fantastic. She spent nearly all of it with her Grampa Gary. He's kind of a Charlotte time-hoarder, especially now that we're leaving for Arizona in a month. After church we had family egg hunt with the cousins, a delicious dinner (I love any dinner that includes honey ham and green bean casserole) and ended with a walk along Bountiful Blvd just in time to see the sunset. 

 I feel humbled by the love of our Savior. He lived, suffered and died because he knows that I'm not perfect. He never blames me for my wrongs. He knows that I needed someone to atone for all of my mistakes, imperfections & sins so that I might live with my Heavenly Father, Him & my little family forever. How do you adequately express gratitude for that kind of love? I'm not sure. The thought alone continues to bring an abundance of emotion. 

Definitely a perfect Easter Sunday.