My Morning Ramblings

It's barely 10am and I already have so much on my mind. Without thinking, I found myself closing my office door, sitting down and pulling up blogger. Clearly I need to get some thoughts out before I am anymore productive today.

This morning started with a 7:45am trip to the hospital for a blood draw. I hate blood and I hate needles. I know that most people outgrow that fear by adulthood but I'm still hanging on to it so hospital visits like this terrify me. Somehow this time was different. I was nervous but confident. My eyes didn't fill with tears. The phlebotomist taking my blood said that I have great veins and for some reason that eased the pain.The minute I left the hospital, I called my mom for a victory cheer.

Speaking of hospitals, my dad is in one right now. Sparing the details, I will say that I've never wanted to be home so badly. The doctors have some answers but not all of them ... and the waiting and wondering is so unsettling. Since my parents don't want me to fly out there, Mike and I did what we could to let my dad know we're thinking of him constantly. That thing is Edible Arrangements and he loves it! He's probably eating a chocolate dipped strawberry as we speak!

(Thats how we let people know we love them in the Fausett family, through food.)

 I'd like to give this post a positive spin right now, but I can't yet. I have to tell you one more negative thing... It made my blood boil. When stopped at a light this morning, I looked over to see a young, obviously pregnant woman smoking a cigarette. I debated rolling down my window and giving her a piece of my mind but then I quickly envisioned how that conversation would go.... Not well. So I sat in silence and stared at her. How can you smoke with a little baby growing inside of you? HOW? I don't get it. I had to ask my doctor on three separate occasions if she was sure I could drink one can of Dr. Pepper every 2 or 3 days. She laughed every single time. That's the most I've ever subjected my baby to and yet, I still feel a tinge of guilt. How can this woman on the sidewalk justify her habit? I'm afaid I'll be thinking about it all day.

Now, let's talk happy stuff, like babies!
--My friend, Bekah, had her baby Atticus at 4:04 this morning! You bet I'm itching to get off work and go see him. I LOVE newborns and I love the Wightmans so seeing him tonight will be fantastic. 
--I think I may have felt the baby move. Just twice. I can't be positive yet.
--We set a date for THE ultrasound. June 22nd. TWO. WEEKS. Who's ready to find out?!
--Mike is back today from his week long business trip to Chicago. I'm anticipating a baby belly comment because I'm pretty sure my tummy has grown twice the size overnight this week. I should probably take a picture.

Happy Friday, my friends!