Swagger Wagon

Soooo... If you know me well, you know how I've sworn
to never drive a minivan (probably because of the
hideous Astrovan we had when my family was young and in rags)
BUT... after watching this video I might want to join the Sienna Family.


"Thank you for calling University Park Marriott"

So yesterday all of my co-workers kept saying
"happy anniversary!"
I didn't get it... Mike and I's one year wedding anniversary
isn't until JUNE 25th, not May 25th.
At any rate, I thought it was incredibly nice that everyone
remembered it was on the 25th.
Then, finally... one of my favorites, Haylee, said
"I can't believe you've been here 2 years now."

It was my 2 year anniversary of working at the
University Park Marriott.
Some days I think it's been two years too long.
BUT most days I just LOVE my job at the front desk.
Yes, it definitely qualifies as a glorified "joe job" but...
I'm okay with that for now...

Thank you Marriott for the great travel benefits
and thank you Marriott guests, for giving me plenty of
ridiculous stories over these past two years!



First, we got rid of some OLD things yesterday at the
HUGE University Student Apartments yard sale.
There were tons, dare I say at least a thousand, people there.
We threw some things together to sell last minute and made
fifty bones. Ha... that will be spent easily.
Now that we've gotten rid of the old... bring on the NEW!

We move up to Bountiful in two weeks!
Into a brand NEW basement apartment.
(So NEW that it isn't even close to finished right now...)
For that NEW place we plan to buy a NEW couch, NEW bedding,
a NEW painting for the wall and Mikey is planning on a NEW projector.
(Good luck, squeezing that into our budget babe!)
Also, we bought the NEW car. We love it.
We have cruised everywhere in it already... State Street, up Millcreek Canyon,
down to St. George and around Zions National Park!
Mike got a NEW job! He is interning as the
Internet Marketing Assistant at
He loves it so far! His boss is awesome.
It's the atmosphere that fits his personality and interests the best!
Goodbye USANA.... You've been good to us, but a dead end road nonetheless.....
AND... It's a NEW semester for Mike! He is taking 4 classes this summer
so that we can graduate together next Spring!
He will be busy, busy, busy with 12 credits and an intern position....
I think I'll still see him more than I did last semester though.

As for me, I'm STILL at the Marriott. I feel like I'm long overdue for a change....


Ode {to the Altima}

We've had you but a brief 11 hours.
But we love you.
You have a beautiful brown exterior with
a nice black interior.
But the reason I (Alyssa) love you
the most.... you have a radio/cd player!

I am sure many of you remember Beamer.
Some of you may have taken rides in it while
others were afraid to.
Surprisingly enough, there are some things we
will miss about Beamer.
We will miss the smell of crayons,
the black leather in the summertime, the way it occasionally shook around 40 mph,
the broken radio, the sweet sounds of the outdoors as we drove....
Okay really, I think we'll only miss the sunroof.
Don't worry though! It is not dead yet.
Kelsey Fausett will soon be the proud new driver
of the infamous '92 BMW.
(Why infamous you asked? Well... it had some run-is with Trax,
flying boulders and a dump truck!)

Enough about the past though... Let's talk about the present!
Our brand new (to us) car is a Nissan Altima that had only
35,000 miles on it! We bought it from Levi at Ken Garff Nissan.
Levi was the BEST! He dealt with our picky-ness
from the beginning. He spent at least an hour with us trying to find
the right thing before I asked if there were any used Altimas or Maximas.
He said no and that they go like hotcakes! But then he remember an Altima
the dealership had just got in 2 days ago.
We pulled up to it (in the Nissan Xterra that Mike really wanted....
sorry Mike. You'll thank me with the first trip to the gas station.)
We jumped out and and peeked inside. I loved it! We loved it!
Levi had no clue about the car since it just came in.
I told Levi to go find out about it
don't come back with the keys unless it
fits in our price range....
LONG story short. He came back with keys.
I fell in love with it. Mike felt he had no choice.
We bought it.
FOR A STEAL though!! We got it for $5,500 below Kelley Blue Book.
They planned on selling it for SOOOOO much more
but Levi knew we (I) wanted it... and now that he made
no commission off of us, I am making him
my wonderful taco soup and cornbread.

I make some killer taco soup and cornbread....
and now, I drive a killer car.


Modern Business Correspondence (1907)

Continuing my last post about my business writing class, I found this book at the University of Utah's library sale. It was written in 1907 and has chapters about how to send Telegrams and Cablegrams, how to send a letter through the mail and how many hours it will take to arrive, and how to write a good advertisement as a merchant. It gives this poem for all merchants to remember:

"We may live without poetry, music, and art;
We may live without conscience and live without heart;
We may live without friends and live without fads-
But business today can not live without ads."

What I found quite funny was the politically incorrect way of writing toward women. check it out for yourself here.

So, if i understand correctly, all women should only be signing their own name if they are unmarried or widowed? When did that change?