How'd you spend your Sunday?

We were late to church this morning... only to find out
church was cancelled due to the snowstorm. Yipeeee!
(I was so unprepared for my Primary lesson.)

We came home, pulled out some warm, winter gear,
grabbed the shovels and got to work!

our snow covered driveway...

I know I look ridiculous... but to be fair, who looks good shoveling snow while it's snowing?


a serious problem.

I have what Mike refers to as "old man syndrome".
Everytime I see an adorable elderly man (adorable = man who wears a cardigan, is over the age of 70, has a slight hunch and a smile), I pull on Mike's arm and express how cute he is. Yes, I'm sure it gets really annoying for him but I really can't help it. It must be a syndrome.
Well, I don't have Mike's arm to yank on right now and there is the cutest man in the WORLD in my hotel lobby. 5 foot nothing, trying to get the best angle to take a picture of our chandlier with his point-and-shoot camera from the 90's.
I just wanna squeeze him!
Anyone else have this problem?
I hope I'm not alone.