Here's the latest.

We just got back last night from a quick weekend trip to....
Rexburg, Idaho.
You're thinking, Alyssa, that's super lame but guess what? It was just what we wanted after a hectic week. We had a Marriott discount and didn't want to travel more than 4 hours. That left three choices: Logan, UT, Vernal, UT or Rexburg, ID. Considering our goal was to "get out of Utah more often", Rexburg won.

We forgot our camera. Mike's phone takes great pictures but died within the first 3 hours of the trip and mine is ghetto... so we are pictureless. We ate at Maddox on our way up to Idaho, got delicious snow cones, found ourselves lost in Idaho due to my overconfidence and need for no directions, spent some time in the Rexburg temple, visited some friends and family, loved the hotel's king size bed with plush bedding, saw my first college apartment and such.

The only picture we have from the weekend. Taken about 5 minutes before the phone died. 
Snow cones have been my first pregnancy "demand".

We've resolved to leave SLC/Bountiful for the weekend as many times as possible over the next few months, before baby comes in late Fall. I'm less worried right now about getting this ready for this baby and more concerned with getting in lots of quality time, just the two of us. We'll get more time together come Thursday; we're headed to Texas for a long weekend.

I'm really looking forward to June. No travel plans but we will be celebrating our third anniversary and finding out if we're having a boy or a girl! Ah! Crazy, right? Next month we will know! I'm thinking of throwing a gender reveal party and finding out with my family and friends... thoughts?

Today is my first day wearing maternity pants. Not the kind with a big stretchy panel around the waist but a cute pair of skinny black pants. I love them. They feel like yoga pants and I will wear them every single day of the work week until they no longer fit. Just a minute ago- at 16 weeks- I got my first "that baby's starting to show"  type of comment. Actually, that's exactly what she said. "That baby is starting to show!" I have now entered the fat-or-pregnant? stage. I'm sure all the attorneys who haven't caught word that I'm expecting think that I need to dial down on all the snacks in the kitchen. I can't wait until I have a super obvious baby bump and people don't have to wonder anymore. At this rate... that should be in another 2 weeks or so. Seriously.


It's really happening!

The time has come to finally blog it. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!

          We found out in March (crazy story actually.. I'll save it for another post) and Mike wanted to shout it out to the world... but I told him we needed to wait a little bit. Waiting is the worst. Then again, I have another 6 months of waiting on this little one so I better get used to it! Honestly, I knew I'd be writing a post like this someday, it's just so surreal to actually be typing these words now. I'm 3 months along and beginning the second trimester. We feel so lucky to be parents and begin adding to our little family.

          Let me cover the basics here: My due date is November 6th. I'm pretty excited about this due date because I'll have a newborn to snuggle during the holidays, I'll have a long Christmas wish list for Baby this year, and by the time summer 2013 rolls around, I'll have a 7 month old who can actually enjoy being outside! I'm choosing to focus on the positives, rather than the fact that Baby will be born at the beginning of RSV season and that we'll spend the entire winter inside. About a month after deciding that I wanted to be pregnant sometime this year, I got pregnant. This is in no way meant to be a statement of bragging. It happened faster than we ever could've guessed and at first I was in shock, but now I've come to realize that the Lord's timing is much better than my timing. I've been really sick, especially in the morning. I mean really, really sick.(i.e.: I bow to the porcelain god every time I wake up/open the fridge door/walk into a public restroom/take a shower). The only thing I crave is fruit. Namely oranges and pineapple. I am yet to have Mike make a midnight run to the grocery store for produce... but he knows his time is coming. We heard the heartbeat at 9 weeks and I was told it was a little faster than what is normal. Then I heard the heartbeat again today and it's perfectly normal. Even my doctor couldn't stop smiling and nodding and saying "perfect. it's perfect." Mike is so giddy and wants to talk to the baby every.single.night. It's weird for me, but I'm trying to lighten up. I have NO clue what's in store for me.... I don't know anything about diapers, strollers, maternity clothes, sleep schedules, breastfeeding, etc. You guys, I'm a little scared. All tips/opinions welcome. I cry over EVERYTHING. I cried when I couldn't find my favorite pajamas pants. I cried watching The Voice, Restaurant: Impossible and Dateline. It's really pathetic. My current bedtime is anywhere from 8:30 to 10pm. I just can't stay up late for the life of me.

Things are changin' people! I'm having a baby and I'm going to be a mom soon... a MOM. This is just crazy.