1 and 70%

... that's where I'm at right now, according to my doctor.
At 38 weeks, I was hoping to be a little further along but at least that's some progress. Quite honestly, as great as it would be to go into labor tomorrow (because that means we'd be holding our little girl early), I can't imagine having her right now. My mom gets into town on the 30th and there's something about having her around that will comfort me... and Mike too. He needs her to be there. :)

Preparing for Charlotte's arrival has been so fun! We've had AMAZING baby showers (thrown by friends, coworkers and family) that have really helped things come together.  Mike painted a vintage 1950's dresser and put together her pack 'n play and crib. I've organized all her clothes, ordered a ridiculous number of diapers online and thoroughly deep cleaned our apartment.

My due date is Election Day. If I were smart, I would've registered for early voting... but I'm not. So on November 6th, regardless of baby status I'm hauling my bum to the local junior high and voting. I'm planning to get lots of looks as I stand in line and I'll try my hardest to ignore them. Those looks are the reason I stopped going to our local gym. Everyone who passed by me would give a sympathetic smile that said, "Good for you, coming here" or "Very impressive". I knew they were thinking Stay home from the gym because you're nearly the size of a whale . So I do now.

Here are some random pictures over the past few weeks.
If you have ANY pictures of me while pregnant or of a baby shower... please send them to me. I've been really bad about documenting this pregnancy.

 sisters at the Pat Benetar and Journey concert. Almost 7 months along.

 Kels and Vanessa threw me a fantastic family shower.

 Hannah and Candace came to my friend shower.... so fun!

 Mike and I on our "babymoon" to Vegas. Sat front row at Cirque's Mystere.

Baby clothes in the closet. I love opening up the closet and just staring at these clothes!

 With Mike's birthday in two days and still a few small things to get done, I know these next two weeks will fly by. And then, life really changes. The unknown is exciting, thrilling and scary. Eeek!