decisions, decisions

Two entirely separate things you must know first:

1. Just over two years ago, when Mike and I were ring shopping, I fell in love with a beautiful, simple, designer, vintage inspired engagement ring. It was pricey. Mike told me that if I wanted it I could have it... we just couldn't afford the matching wedding band too. I was fine with that. I was stuck on this ring. We've been married almost two years and I still don't have a wedding band. It's great when I'm checking in a guest at the hotel and they say, "Oh, you're engaged! Well, congratulations!" I laugh and explain that I'm already married. I've dealt just fine so far.

2. When Mike and I get back to Barcelona after our cruise, we will have 6 days until we fly back to the States. We have been debating whether we should stay in Barcelona for those 6 days or look into taking a short trip to a different country.

Just the other night, Mike gave me a decision to make:

wedding band
Brussels, Belgium

I chose Brussels.
no hesitation.

Wouldn't you?



I've been M.I.A. for a while and I wish could tell you it was because of something exciting but it's quite the opposite. I haven't known excitement for a while now. It's all about finishing these next 2 weeks worth of presentations, papers and finals so that I can finally live again! Okay.... dramatic? A little. Seriously though, I am SO done with school. I can't wait for Mike and I to graduate.
To escape the school work, I've spent hours upon hours researching and planning for our trip to Europe (that kicks off in 26 days!!!). Mike has been ridiculously busy this semester and, by comparison, my semester has been so much easier so I've been given ALL responsibility in planning this trip. Mixed emotions here. Unfortunately, as much as I love the idea of being the sole decision-maker, I can see this backfiring on me in the future. (imagine this: We're on the train in Italy. We get off at the wrong stop. He could easily look to me and say, "I thought you had this whole thing planned?" I am then left defenseless. He's right. ) There are so many things to get squared away. So many details. When I get sick on looking at maps and documents, I turn to J. Crew for a little daydreaming.
My Euro-trip wish list:

Asymmetrical ruched bandeau tank

Stripe pocket cardigan

Lace-stripe tissue tee

Stretch vintage trouser cord

Everly cardigan

All those items are currently on sale... So you can only imagine my inner turmoil.


It's Friday!

check out this ridiculous music video that went viral on youtube. i want to trash talk this but in reality... she is a 14 year old with 72 million hits on youtube. you go.