Two College Graduates.

Mike and I are finally GRADUATES of the University of Utah. We love coming home from work to just sit and talk or watching our favorite t.v. shows without a due date hanging
overhead. We really enjoyed our time at the U... but not all our time in the U's library.

Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I. A Utah man, sir. Will be 'til I die. Ki!Yi!

Throwing up the U.

I love Brett's face in this one.

The whole gang on Mike's graduation day.

I already miss these girls. Some days I saw them more than my husband.

Old Ute vs. New Ute

Tomorrow's plans: EUROPE!


Will We Ever Settle Down?

Many would think that after giving my wife a huge concussion last year at Lake Powell that I wouldn't ever want to go back. Well... you are wrong because my parents just got a new houseboat and how could I pass that up? We have had so much fun over the last 10 years with our junky home away from home that they thought it would be time to upgrade. Two weekends ago I spent my time working on it with my dad and transferring everything from our old boat to the new one.

Okay... so maybe it might not look like anything special here (especially since it is on stilts at the Off Shore Marina by Ticaboo) but it such an upgrade from our 1 bedroom, stinky bathroom, and air conditioner-less boat that we had previously. It just sucked moving everything over because my Dad and I only brought a sleeping bag and it got well under 30 degrees for the night we slept over on the new ship. We watched the Field of Dreams (my Dad's favorite movie) and talked about the gospel. Although it was cold, I still had a good time and can't wait to go down there once it is on the water!

Then on Monday I left for my first business trip to San Bruno to be trained on a new internet marketing program for my company. Across the street from Responsys was YouTube's HQ, which is a beautiful building inside and out.

I was stuck in a a glass box as we went over powerpoint slides for 8 hours for 2 days straight and kept looking out the window at YouTube and kept wishing that I was in that building instead. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence (literally, YouTube grows grass on their roof!)

And to think that next Friday we fly out to Europe. Will we ever settle down? I sure hope not!


oh mannnn. (the bad and the good)

I did the worst thing yesterday.

I went to swimsuit shopping.

If you ever want to feel really bad, nit-pick everything about yourself and
be slightly depressed, do that.

Most people lose weight before they go on a cruise. Me? I just gain. It's the sad truth.

On a MUCH happier note.... TODAY IS GRADUATION DAY!!!!
After 3 different colleges/universities and 3 changes in my major the day has finally come.

Mike graduates tomorrow... Look at me, always one step ahead of my man.