"Cross"ing the Line of Traditional Advertising

What is a business writing class good for? I haven't really figured that one out yet... but it did get my brain juices flowing to the point where I crafted a 12 page guerrilla marketing research paper and these photos to show how easy guerrilla marketing campaigns can be. (If you don't know what guerrilla marketing is, it is just doing something out of the ordinary to get a consumer's attention.) So, as part of trying to explain how non-traditional marketing works, I used the photoshop skills within me and took 6 different companies to push my point even further. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Here is the template that I used - Just a common street
AT&T: More Bars in More Places
Tide: Brighten up your way noteworthy advertising
Coca-Cola Crossing
Nike: Pedestrian Playoff
Kinko's: white-out walk-out


Open House for the Rich and Famous

Okay, so today Lyss and I were driving down 13th East in Sugarhouse and saw people thronging near the Tuscan masterpiece on Harvard Ave. If it wasn't for the 15 open-house signs and balloons, we most likely would have driven right past it. Luckily though (thanks to quick thinking and a near car accident) we were able to change our course of direction and park ourselves right out front among the BMWs, Mercedes, and Infinities.

As we entered the home, we were asked to take off our shoes or put on little white booties. It reminded me of the time I had gone through the Bountiful Temple open-house. And comparably, this home was just as awe-striking. The entryway had intricate tile patterns and smelled of fresh mahogany. It leads you into the living room, which has been refinished but kept the original fireplace from 1923. Turning left would send you into a small den that opened up to the patio above the garage and continuing forward would send you into the dining room/kitchen area.

The newly renovated kitchen had beautiful cabinetry, subway tile, multicolored tiled flooring, and an awesome granite-mirror counter top (not to mention the stainless steel appliances).

where the camera shows in the kitchen, turning left will take you into a huge hallway with floor to ceiling walnut cabinets on both sides that lead into the mud-room. I was less impressed with the mudroom because of the color, but still loved the layout and design. going back through the kitchen to the downstairs takes you around a wooden spiral-like staircase where two bedrooms and access to the garage are.

The bathroom in the basement had a His-and-Her sink with a beautiful mirror and great tiles (once again). The garage seemed pretty small though, and I don't think that you could've fit a large sized SUV in it. Going back up the stairs to the top level brings you to one more bedroom and bath and the master suite.

The master bedroom was simply amazing with exposed support beams for the extra lofty ceilings. The wood flooring was also a great touch, but kind of left the room feeling cold... but that's okay, because you have a sauna that connects to the room. Equipped with a jet-tub, amazing built in cabinetry for the vanity and walk-in closet, and most of all, a shower built for the gods.

The shower was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. It had multiple heads from different directions, a bench, and the whole thing was covered in tile. When you are inside the shower, you are actually standing right above the front door (see first picture above). The only downside of the whole house that we could find was that the house had absolutely no yard. The Realtor stated that you could always use the lawn that was across the street, but who would want their kids playing on an island of grass between two busy streets!?

Oh, and did I mention that it is up for sale for $800,000?


Whirlwind Wedding Week

Our "Thursday night friends", Liz and Cal, got
MARRIED yesterday.
(We call them that because all 4 of us live very busy lives but LOVE certain t.v. shows so we get together at
9pm on Thurs. nights and have t.v. marathons)
As a bridesmaid, I spent the week participating in several activities
surrounding this joyous event.
Some of which I have never done....
Like attend an afternoon Tea.
The tea took place inside the Grand America.
It was fun to pour Spiced Plum tea (which tasted more like water but smelled like Christmas)
from my miniature teapot into my cup and saucer, snack on little crumpets and scones,
and finish off with a slice of cheesecake.
Hello! What better finish than cheesecake?

Wednesday night we attended their wedding dinner at Willow Creek Country Club.
It was delish and wonderful to sit at a table full of ladies I don't see enough!

Liz and Cal got married in the Salt Lake Temple.
It was a beautiful ceremony that was conducted by a man
who resembled his father, President Hinckley, perfectly.
He brought tears to my eyes.
They had their ring ceremony and reception at The Castle.
The whole day was just BEAUTIFUL. Here are some pictures:

(Quite possibly the most gorgeous cake I've personally seen)


Ode {to Can & Han}

Last night I spent a lovely dinner (not pictured) with two of my closest friends---
Candace and Hannah.
I love these girls so much.
How wonderful is it to have friends you can talk about anything with. Anything.
You can laugh with them and then within minutes be crying with them.
I realize that sounds a bit schizophrenic, but I think that's just how
ladies are around their girl friends.
Candace and Hannah are two girls I met back in 2006 when we were all working for
Sundance Catalog. Funny that none of us work there now.
We all connected instantly and I knew these were two girls that would always be there.
I know that if something were to happen to me, these two would be some of the first on the scene and last to leave.
Hannah is genuine and persistent.

Candace is hilarious and selfless.

Women need women like that. It's essential.