not quite there yet.

If I told you that feeding Charlotte solids was the funniest thing to date, would you believe me?
Probably not. And honestly, there are funnier things in life than seeing a baby have food forced upon them.... but seriously, we about died laughing at her reaction.
She HATES solids. And yes, we've tried a number of things. We started with spinach and banana blended and she was terrified. It didn't get any better with mashed avocado or rice cereal. This girl just isn't ready to take plunge.

 Personal favorite.

 Letting Grampa and Nana in on the action.

Fine Charlotte, you don't have to excel at everything.


starting up again.

My poor little blog has been neglected.
I know exactly why. The convenience that Instagram and Facebook offer keep me rather in the loop and so I hardly bother with blogs anymore. I rarely read them. I more rarely update mine. Just yesterday I was thinking how sad it is that I haven't taken the time to document the details.
I take pictures of daily life like it's my job. Like it's my full-time, baby-lovin' job. SO I just need to take it one step further and blog it.
I'm going to start doing that now in hopes that I don't seem quite so pathetic when I am blogging like a madwoman when we move to Arizona. (I'll say it's not due to boredom and unpopularity... but it will be.)

I won't attempt to let catch up on all the things that I've missed since December but here are the highlights, perchance you only read my blog or haven't looked at Facebook/Instagram in ages.

-- We're moving to Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ in two months. Mike was offered a job transfer with his company so we are taking the plunge. By our own choice, it may be temporary (a year or so) or it could turn into something more permanent. We'll see...

-- Umm... pretty much all the Holidays -Christmas/New Years/Valentines Day- came and went. We spent two weeks around Christmas with my family in Pittsburgh. It was fantastic. And a much needed break for Mike. Charlotte finally met her Grampa and Uncle Zach, we went to Kirtland and enjoyed many church history sites, Cleveland and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and lots of local dives. Gosh dang it... vacations are the best.

-- Charlotte is growing fast. Sounds obvious to most but I really wasn't prepared for her changes to happen so rapidly. I swear she learns something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. Before we know it, she'll be borrowing the family car and dating guys that we don't like.
This week we had her 4 month check up and shots. She handled it like a champ. We found out she's 13 lbs 4 oz (40th%) and 25 inches (80th%). Where is she getting this long, lean body?! Not from us. My guess is that she'll be fattening up soon because we're starting on solids this month! Oh, the excitement. Messy food-all-over-the-face pictures to come soon, I'm sure.

Cute, huh?