Need a little Christmas?

You're demanding pictures from our San Francisco trip, you say?

I don't know why it's so darn difficult for me to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer and then onto my blog. Too many steps for me I guess. So... to tie you over until I find the courge, the strength, the inner drive and desire to make pictures appear on this blog, I give to you
The Mechanics of Christmas video.

Have any of you gone down to Temple Square to see the lights yet? More importantly, have you seen the Christmas display across the street at Desert Book?
My brother in law (Adam) works for Desert Book and is in charge of the window displays. He is the mastermind and part of the muscles behind this amazing spectacle.  If you haven't seen it in person... you must! This video shows parts of the project from beginning to end.
Check it out!

Feelin' a little Christmas spirit now, are you?