Lawyers are funny people. Okay, maybe my beef is just with one in particular.

He gives me weird looks when he walks by and I'm talking with another staffer about something insignificant, like my apprehension in trying lipstick. I mean I've always been a chapstick girl. I've used it since I was young.. when I played in the sun until my lips burned like fire and nothing but a layer of chapstick every hour could cure it. You could say I'm addicted to chapstick. Most women put a little color on their lips for big occasions, like their prom and wedding day. I didn't though. I want to start wearing lipstick because I look at other friends who have taken the leap. They all look phenomenal but I know they have picked just the right shade. How do I know what shade to get? What brand to get?

Listen Mr. Lawyer (that's what we'll call him for the purpose of this rant), I realize my conversations seem full of things you deem insignificant.  I know that your life is filled with only ambitious and elevated (or pompous and pretentious?) thoughts. Allow me to indulge in meaningless girl talk from time to time, without being judged.

Seeing as the judgmental looks happen at least monthly, I would've ended my rant here, had I posted this one day earlier. But not 20 minutes ago, the aforementioned lawyer totally "geeked out" with another attorney over none other than... Harry Potter! Oh man. I died inside. I laughed. I need to hear him explain how upset he was by the ending, how he thought the series and movie should have ended, his excitement in hearing that J.K. Rowling is creating another book with more of an adult focus. He was totally geeking out, people! And that made me feel vindicated.

Today served as a reminder that everyone needs to have pointless, trivial communication once in a while.
But especially women.


keywords to our blog

Do you every look under your "stats" section of Blogger to see what google searches lead strangers to your blog? It's sometimes the most odd keywords that land random people here, in our blogworld.

directions to brothel pompeii pavement
Now, this one makes sense. They probably found this post of our time in Italy this past summer.

celebs with mustaches
sexy mustaches
hot men with mustaches
Mike is pretty proud that his post has driven in tons of random people who are interested in the same important things as him... namely mustaches. sexy, hot men, celebs... all these keywords that led to my husband. It's going straight to his head, y'all.

royalty riches
I could only guess that our humble little lives don't fit into what this searcher had in mind BUT they probably were led to this blog post... which is a dream home of ours, in a dream neighborhood.

carnival concession menu
Not a clue.

jordie's suits
Now this is kind of creepy. Mike's has a cousin named Jordie. As far as I know, Jordie doesn't wear suits. She's a girl. A beautiful girl.

alyssa kelsey
Me+sister. This one is logical.

germany chritsmas dusseldorf  (aww... someone can't spell Christmas)
I bet they found this post. Wow. Just looking past at that post made me jealous of myself. I want to get back to Germany stat. We loved it there, in Rothenberg ob der Tauber. I was giddy for 2 days straight.

girls night out
I like my GNOs as much as the next girl.

a reason to celebrate
Glad their search led them here. I feel like I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate something.

alyssa mike ward las vegas
I hope you find who you're looking for... I really doubt it was us.

Post your keywords! I'd be interested to read them.
Happy Friday people. I hope you have fantastic plans for the weekend. What with all the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping I have planned... it's going to be a riot!


We'll call this a "filler" post.

January was a good month for me. I posted a ton on this here blog and I was really proud of myself
for documenting life... but then February hit. I haven't done a thing.
I haven't taken pictures and what's a post without a picture? Exactly.
In the meantime, I give you this "filler" post.
I apologize in advance for the ridiculous number of videos on this post.
Yesterday I spent a lot (possibly too much?) time watching music videos of Whitney Houston's on Youtube. I was never a big fan of hers... but it's sad she is gone. What a brilliant voice.

This has to be my favorite one. Maybe because of her hair. Maybe because it screams the 80's. Maybe because I remember singing along to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" when I was a few years old.

This kind of childhood reminiscing lead to a whirlwind of music from my younger years.
Mikey and I showed each other the first music videos we ever saw and the first songs we remember
 hearing on the radio. I won't go crazy with all the videos (mostly because I know you won't watch them)
so here are just two of my favorites.

Don't Take the Girl by Tim McGraw- Did you cry? Tell me you cried.

Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel) by Billy Joel- This song is dear to me. My dad often sang me to sleep with this song.

Both are sappy songs. Mike is right... I must like to cry.
Also, has anyone else heard about the Color Run? It's a 5K extravaganza of color (like the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork but with running/walking) that takes place in cities all over the United States. You run into a different color cloud at each kilometer mark. They somehow skipped Salt Lake City and have one in every other surrounding city. I could be talked into going up to Boise for the weekend in August to do it. Anyone, anyone?