five months.

Ms. Charlotte Rose Nelson is now 5 months.
I'm not trying to brag or anything but my daughter is awesome. Pretty sure I won the baby lottery because she is SO fun, full of personality and pretty interactive already. I'm making it a point to soak up every moment with my tiny girl because she certainly isn't staying tiny forever. Today she proved that when she rolled the entire length of our living room. Granted, our living room is pretty small... but I was impressed!

By the way, Mikey has taken it upon himself to nickname her Char Char Binks (Star Wars joke, I guess?) so if you hear him say that, please do me a favor and do NOT encourage it. Thanks.

Don'tcha wanna squeeze those cheeks?


McCall & Kimberly said...

Yes I do want to squeeze those cheeks!! She is so cute! Good job momma! And yes I agree with everything you said I'm your post! They're the best!

c a n d a c e said...

Gaaaah! I'm coming over RIGHT NOW. What a doll.

Ted and Breauna Housel said...

Gah...I cannot handle this little peanut. How dang cute is she in those jeans! Don't grow baby Charlotte. Can't believe it's already been 5 months!

Sarah M. said...

so cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Danger Brown said...

are you kidding me!?!!!!