Quick trip back "home".

Earlier this month Charlotte and I hopped on a plane back to Utah to visit with my brother one last time before he entered the MTC and began his two year mission to Tampico, Mexico. Another Spanish missionary for the Fausett family. So exciting. We'll miss him SO MUCH but it makes it easier to have him go, knowing that he'll return as a better, stronger, happier (&probably even taller) man!

I'm hoping that once Zach gets home we'll all take a family trip to South America because Machu Picchu has always been strong on my bucket list.

A few days later Mike joined us in Utah. Every day of this trip was jam-packed and we didn't get to see everyone we wanted. I'm hoping for a Christmas stay that will be longer, making it possible to catch up with all our close friends.
Charlotte loved the ridiculous amount of attention she got from all four grandparents (+cousins, aunts, uncles and greats).

Basically Utah is great. We miss it, even though we pretend not to sometimes. Mike and I both consider it "home" still. I wonder if that will always be the case?

 Last goodbyes with Uncle Zach.

I totally get the Nelson obsession with Jeeps now.

 Charlotte LOVED Park City.. until it poured.

 Grandma Nette

Grandpa Gary introducing C to the llamas. She had NO IDEA how to handle what she saw.


.candace. said...

Such cute pictures!! And I'm trying to pretend like it's no biggie I didn't see you, but alas - we know that's false. Christmas can't come soon enough!!

Heather said...

I can't believe how cute Charlotte is!! She is ADORABLE!! Looks like you guys had a fun time and I know Gary and Annette LOVED your visit!!

Meag said...

So glad you had great trip and got to see both sides of the fam! I'm sure they miss little Charlotte a TON! How cute is she!!

Stephanie MyOrangeChair said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. I didn't know you had a blog! I love seeing your beautiful Charlotte.