my new life.

It's safe to say that Charlotte IS my life now.
Just a couple months ago, I was working a full time job, going on dinner dates with Mikey, eating whatever I wanted and sleeping as much as a severely pregnant woman can. Life was good...
Now, life is great!... but I'm not doing a single thing I just mentioned. Baby Charlotte makes things a little difficult in that regard. These past 40 days have been full of so much emotion. I've learned to sleep in 1-3 hour increments, consider cereal to be dinner often, try to get out of the house every other day (for my own sanity) and do laundry every single day or we will run out of burp cloths. Above all, I have more love than I can put into words. I'm on a love high
Since her birth on November 1st, there have been so many baby "milestones" (if you can call them that?) that we've already experienced with C. At the top of the list? Her smiles. In the morning, she smiles like it's going out of style. 
It makes my heart melt. 
I'll try getting around to posting her birth story later this week, but for now... here are some pictures so you can fall a little in love too.

 Day one.

C's first outing. Headed to the pediatrician at 4 days old. 

 One week old. I know... could she have any more shades of pink?

Girl is throwin' gang signs. 

About a week ago,  Charlotte had soaked through her 4th outfit of the day. 
It was decided... Naked does less damage.


Casey said...

She is beautiful, Alyssa, just like her mama! It looks like you and Charlotte are having a lovely time together so far.

Meag said...

Alyssa, she's so beautiful!! I'm so happy to see pictures! Picture #4 reminds me of someone in your family :)

Bless you, my dear friend! Having a new baby is so so so so hard. And also amazing, but that is seen more clearly in retrospect. It looks like you are doing fantastic though. Hang in there! Everything can only get easier and more familiar with time! Sending thoughts & prayers your way!

Heather said...

Love the pictures Alyssa. Charlotte is adorable--keep the pictures coming!

Ash Kelley said...

She's beautiful!! Congratulations Alyssa!! Welcome to the world of mommy!!

Hailey said...

Oh good gracious! She is beautiful! I want to meet her!

c a n d a c e said...

Ahh you posted pics of C finally!!!!! yes, yes I know a baby must incur much more time & attention than the bloggie world... but nonetheless, I'm SO excited and my heart is melting over here. Can I please come visit and bring you easy microwavable dinners?? Say yes. I love you all!! CONGRATS.

Ted and Breauna Housel said...

Ha! You are right on...and Charlotte is the sweetest!!! I love all these pictures :) she's the perfect mix of both of you. I just wish you could blog daily about everything. it would make the down time in my days so much more enjoyable!