not quite there yet.

If I told you that feeding Charlotte solids was the funniest thing to date, would you believe me?
Probably not. And honestly, there are funnier things in life than seeing a baby have food forced upon them.... but seriously, we about died laughing at her reaction.
She HATES solids. And yes, we've tried a number of things. We started with spinach and banana blended and she was terrified. It didn't get any better with mashed avocado or rice cereal. This girl just isn't ready to take plunge.

 Personal favorite.

 Letting Grampa and Nana in on the action.

Fine Charlotte, you don't have to excel at everything.


PoppaSteve said...

Just saw a news report today that said you should not feed your baby solids until she is at least 6 months old or more. Of course, same show suggested you nurse them until 2, if possible. So take it for what it's worth . . . ;-)

PoppaSteve said...
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.candace. said...

Just what I needed today!! Bahahaha!! Thanks for the laugh. What a cutie. hahahaha

Ted and Breauna Housel said...

hahaha Alyssa this is just too funny! I love that you got these pictures...I remember feeding Pilot the first time and it was a very similar situation. Maybe Charlotte is like me and just wants a dang FRENCH FRY?!?!!? Let's be honest...blended spinach/banana doesn't sound so good when you have french fries near by ;)